Aligned Sexuality Webinar

with Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria

Recorded 12/28/18

We discussed aligned sexuality as preparation to enter 2019.

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In this discussion we explored:

  • What Ascension is

  • How sexuality directly affects all areas of our lives and our Ascension journey

  • How and why codependency happens and how to return to Sovereignty

  • Union of masculine & feminine energies within us, how this is the ultimate path for Ascension | Awakening | Evolution

  • How the external world and our relationships are direct mirrors for our inner world. - How to identify sexual distortions and work with this energy within

  • Methods to work with sexual distortions to unblock stuck energies and reclaim your power

  • Where we are at collectively with sexuality, and how to maintain your personal sexual alignment within the collective shadow.

  • And much more!

  • This is for you if you:

    • Feel unclear about sex and it’s role in your life.

    • Are curious about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality.

    • Know your sexuality could be Soulfull, Heartfull, and Cosmic, and want to remember/learn how to achieve this

    • Want to understand how distorted sexual energy may be showing up in your life.

    • Want methods for bringing sexual distortions conscious.

      “When we can allow Soul and Spirit to flow through the Heart, with someone doing the same; we access Cosmic portals, records, Sacred Creation codes, and the power of the Universe... experienced via Divine/Human Bliss.”


Ascension Essentials Webinar

For more depth, see Ceres’ Ascension Essentials E-course and use discount code SENAMARIA for 5% off.

  • What is Ascension?

  • How the Earth is Ascending alongside us

  • How climate change and the Earth's Ascension process is related

  • How the physical body will purge & adjust to anchor in more light

  • How the collective Ascension process differs from our individual processes (i.e. the current political climate)

  • How to handle feelings of not wanting to be here (Leah drew upon her 10 years as a trained psychotherapist in her response and it was very impactful for those who joined live.)