You want to stop feeling stuck in your life.

You feel a power burning deep inside of you and you are ready to stop ignoring it. But you're scared.

You keep going out, yet even in a room full of people you feel totally alone.

Your heart is urging you to expand and share more of yourself.

You feel unseen and misunderstood often, and you don’t know why.

You want authentic connection with yourself and others.

You want to feel free to explore, experiment and create the life of your dreams.

You want to be courageously vulnerable, and have relationships where you are seen, heard, and loved for being you.

You want to prioritize your own needs before others, and not be afraid to say no.

You want to act from your intuition.

You want to trust yourself over everything else.

You want to show up in the fullness of your being in every moment.

one on one cacao sessions with Sena Shakti
One on One Cacao Sessions with Sena Shakti

Imagine having an intimate relationship with a powerful plant spirit that you are able to connect with at any time.

Cacao is a gentle yet powerful plant teacher who is here to help you reconnect with your soul path in this life. 

Cacao's active ingredients increase blood flow in your body and can help you reconnect with your intuition, so you can get clear on your heart's deepest desires. Drinking ceremonial cacao releases 'feel good' chemicals in your brain resulting in an expansive, uplifted state where you can experience more love, more radiance, and more courage to be fully seen.

Cacao will bring you From confusion to clarity, from doubt to trust and from fear to confidence

Whether you want to deepen your connection to who you are, create a stronger, supportive community, or move into a more freely expressed space, Cacao can give you the insight and awareness you need to reconnect with your heart.

Since drinking ceremonial cacao I've opened to an authenticity and depth in my relationships that I never thought was possible.

The love gates have opened between my friends & family.

The protective layers around my heart have dissolved.

I am able to share more of my true self with the world.

Cacao Session with Sena Shakti

See, I've been communing with the Spirit of Cacao for over 2 years.

She has a lot she wants to share with you.


There are a few ways we can work together

1:1 Cacao Sessions



This 1:1 session is for you if you:

+  want more capacity for love in your life

+  have been feeling drawn to cacao but aren't sure where to start

+  experienced cacao in a group ceremony and want to go deeper

+  want a morning ritual that actually works

In our session you will learn:

+  how cacao can change your life

+  how to create your own ritual

+  where to source sustainable, high quality cacao

+  how to make the perfect cup of cacao

+  the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual benefits of working with cacao

When you sign up for a session you receive:

+  45 minutes of personalized information and answers to all of your questions

+  Guidance from the Cacao Spirit herself

+  Heart centered coaching to support your crystal clear alignment with your purpose

+  My practical 6 - page PDF guide to making cacao, including 10 unique recipes

You will leave this session with the tools you need to start shedding the barriers around your heart that have kept you feeling trapped. Cacao will help you build a relationship with your power and help you find the confidence within to fully express it. You will feel empowered to follow your intuition and start crafting the life of your dreams. You will understand the sacredness of this plant, and how to show respect by creating your own ritual.

Cacao Sessions with Sena Shakti



This 1:1 session is for you if you:

+  want to experience the healing effects of cacao

+  have a specific intention, emotion or issue you’d like to explore deeper

+  need space to for self-care and self-love

+  want to feel safe, seen and heard

+  want to live a fully expressed live

You will leave this ceremony feeling lighter, clearer, and connected to your love essence. During this session Cacao will help us create a safe, gentle, healing space to focus on whatever is arising for you in the moment. Through creating sacred ceremony with medicine songs, channeling the spirit of Cacao, the use of different instruments, intention setting, guided meditations and shamanic journeys, and personal sharing, you will be supported in unearthing the most pressing needs of your heart and soul.

These ceremonies are wonderful for:

+  Manifesting your dreams into reality

+  Setting intentions for new projects, habits and ways of being

+  Getting clarity on your path & purpose

+  Identifying unhelpful critical story loops and rewriting your inner dialogue

+  Unearthing deeper layers of your authenticity

+  Reconnecting with Spirit and the Unconditional Love that supports you on your journey




If you are newer to Cacao and ready to dive in deep, this package is for you. We will start with the content in Get Started with Cacao to show you all the ins & outs of buying, creating your ritual and making your own delicious ceremonial cacao beverages. Then we will go deeper into our own ceremony where we will be guided by the Cacao spirit to receive specific wisdom for your path.

You will feel a love flowing through your being that you didn’t know was possible.




Working with Sena has been life changing. Indescribable. Powerful. What I loved most during these sessions was the freedom I felt. Now, after Sena’s guidance and lovework, I feel stronger than ever, crystal clear on my purpose and fully present into the rhythm of life. These classes shifted everything for me. I am not the same person I was when I started this program… I’m brighter, happier and more sparkly than ever!

She has the ability to inspire and push you to the edge of comfort, all with gentle love and intuition. I can say without a doubt that for the first time in a long time, I feel seen. I feel heard. I feel validated. This has been the most powerful, heart opening transformation that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing.

- Kate de la Rosa

one on one cacao sessions

That you didn't know was possible. 


Cacao has played a pivotal role in my self-healing journey. This medicine is so powerful; it's true magic. It's given me strength when I've felt incapable of feeling deeper into my heart space. This is a gift I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for.

- Makenzie Faust

Cacao Sessions with Sena Shakti

I have found it so much easier to be compassionate with myself and others. My intuition has leveled up, and I'm feeling it all over the place. Biggest Take-away - Daily Ritual over EVERYTHING.. something that has already been a part of my understanding of my personal life preferences, but this course, and the Cacao are showing me even more, how valuable it is to SHOW UP every single day.

- Lauren Roberts, Creatrix & Medicine Woman of Womb Tree Alchemy


I'm honored to walk beside you on your journey, and to be a bridge between you and the Cacao Spirit.

If you've been feeling the call, now is the time.

I'm here to support you every step of the way.