Ascension Discussions| A 7-Part Series

In early 2019 Ceres Andromeda and I recorded this 7 part discussion series about Ascension. Whether you are Ascension curious, and not sure what it is, or far along on your Ascension path, this series provides clear, supportive guidance for our human experience at this time on Earth. This is 7+ hours of AWESOME free information that will provide a solid foundation for you as you undertake your journey of Awakening to New Earth Purpose. I hope you enjoy.

Aligned Sexuality

with Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria

In this discussion we explored:

  • What Ascension is

  • How sexuality directly affects all areas of our lives and our Ascension journey

  • How and why codependency happens and how to return to Sovereignty

  • Union of masculine & feminine energies within us, how this is the ultimate path for Ascension | Awakening | Evolution

  • How the external world and our relationships are direct mirrors for our inner world. - How to identify sexual distortions and work with this energy within

  • Methods to work with sexual distortions to unblock stuck energies and reclaim your power

  • Where we are at collectively with sexuality, and how to maintain your personal sexual alignment within the collective shadow.

    “When we can allow Soul and Spirit to flow through the Heart, with someone doing the same; we access Cosmic portals, records, Sacred Creation codes, and the power of the Universe... experienced via Divine/Human Bliss.”

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Ascension Essentials Webinar

  • What is Ascension?

  • How the Earth is Ascending alongside us

  • How climate change and the Earth's Ascension process is related

  • How the physical body will purge & adjust to anchor in more light

  • How the collective Ascension process differs from our individual processes (i.e. the current political climate)

  • How to handle feelings of not wanting to be here (Leah drew upon her 10 years as a trained psychotherapist in her response and it was very impactful for those who joined live.)

  • For more depth, see Ceres’ Ascension Essentials E-course and use discount code SENAMARIA for 5% off.