Ascension Sessions


These sessions help you remember why you are here, and are like a soothing balm for the feelings of existential confusion we are facing during these times.

In these sessions I support you in multiple dimensions of your being, and will help provide context for what you are experiencing now.

I include guidance from the Cosmos, specifically the Pleidian and Arcturian Galactic Councils and the Earth medicine of the Sierra foothills. The sessions have provided a profound sense of grounding, expansion & revelations for the clients I've worked with.

I record the sessions on my new land in Nevada City, California. I walk up the hill and am surrounded by Manzanita trees, tall grass & dragonflies. The Solar energy is strong, and the Earth medicine balances out the Cosmic downloads really beautifully.

"This was my first time receiving downloaded information via a video and I was amazed at how powerful the energetic vibration of the downloaded information was coming through. While watching them, it felt as though all time and spaced has stopped. Their was a sort of rhythm to your voice that also carried the information, a vibration and it was everywhere. It reminds me of that deep place we can get to in meditation when we are connected to that higher intelligence, that unconditional love and alignment with truth." - Krista
Coming down the hill after recording

Coming down the hill after recording

Before the session I send you a form, ask for your birth chart info, and a photo of you which help me tap into your essence and connect across different dimensions of your being. The form asks for the themes up for you and specific questions that you want to address. I sit with your responses for 1-2 days before the reading, and then I go up the hill to record your video.

I send you 2 videos, typically adding up to ~40 minutes. The first video is purely channeled guidance for you and speaks primarily to your Higher Self. The 2nd video is my human 'bridging' of the channeled information and my insights. This video helps ground the channeled integration into 3D reality, and supports your integration at the human level. The 2nd video includes 10 minutes of shamanic & cosmic astrology downloads regarding your birth chart, before going into the bridging content.

First session:  $135 for 2 videos & follow-up email integration support.

Follow-up sessions: $100 (e-mail me at to set up a follow up)


I open up 6 slots per month, recording 3 each near the full or new moon. I announce openings 1 week before the full/new moon. If you'd like to be added to the notification list for the next round of readings, please e-mail me at

^Screenshots of the Light Codes captured while recording 3 different channeling sessions.

What people are saying

"I’ve been marinating in these beautiful and profound readings, and they have touched me deeply, especially in this potent energy of the new moon and eclipse. I found the two part structure to be both creative and helpful - the channeled response elevated me and the bridging response grounded me.  I appreciated the way you integrated shamanic astrology - seeing my virgo energy in its strengths and limits was really helpful in considering where I am coming from and how I am being called to continue evolving beyond." - Lauryn
"Oh wow wow your channeling and bridging guidance was so powerful and amazing and spoke right to my heart!!!! I cried and laughed so much. Your reading came through with so much sweetness, and truly felt like a container in which my heart could soften and expand into trust. In the past few days, your words keep coming back to me again and again, and I feel so much more faith in the path of my heart. " - Katie
"This is so amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful channeling session. It was my first time receiving guidance like this and let me just say the multiple rainbows washing over you as you channeled for me was beyond magical! It made watching the recorded session so soothing and literally allowed me to see and feel and listen deep from within all the light codes coming through." - Mariana

Questions? E-mail me at