Cacao Ceremony Song, Medicine Music

This cacao medicine song is a community heart co-creation in true cacao form. I received the melody & the chorus, and shared the partial song on social media asking for lyric suggestions. I received the most beautiful poetry from so many people and compiled them all into this song. 

This song has been played in cacao ceremonies in California, Guatemala, Peru, and Costa Rica, and my prayer is that it continues to be sung in circles all over the world! 

So much love to all that contributed their heart medicine to these lyrics, and those that have sung this with me along the way. 

Thank you for being here.


Mama Cacao 
I feel so close to you 

Mama Cacao 
I feel you here 

Mama Cacao 
Help me to release my fear 
And all that’s unclear 
So that I may be fully here 

May there be love, may there be light 
May we each join in the fight 
Guided by the Seven Stars 
Help us remember who we are 

May there be love, may there be light 
May we each join in the fight 
Guided by the Central Sun 
Help us remember we are One 

Verse 2 
Mama Cacao, awaken my heart 
So that I can see 
The beauty in me 
The beauty in we 
And live our truth in divinity 

Mama Cacao, open my heart 
A seed has been planted in our souls 
And branches of light we will grow. 


Verse 3 
Mama Cacao, you’ve opened my eyes 
And made me realize I’m in heaven. 

Mama Cacao, flow through me 
As we love deeply 
And choose to remember 
Where we came from 
And choose to remember 
Why we came here 
And choose to remember 
the pure love in our hearts 



released April 11, 2019 
Produced & Mastered by Alex Hentze 
Photography by Cole Hatcher Photography 
Design by Mapi Ormachea


all rights reserved