Let’s talk about Planning, and Space, and Time…

So most of my life, (I well ...up un— yeah my whole life, up until now) I thought something was wrong with me, and still noticed this story playing in my head because I find it nearly impossible to plan ahead.

I’ve done many personality tests and ways…different ways of understanding who I am in this— in this life, and one that resonated most recently with me is the archetype of the “Explorer.”

One aspect of that archetype is that, the present moment is really all there is.

I feel that as we’re shifting from a more logical, linear, 3d physical reality to a higher frequency, we are releasing these old paradigms, this old grip on linear time and the concept that one can truly plan ahead for anything— as if we can control time, as if we can control the infinite possibilities unfolding in each moment.

Planning, more than anything, has caused me more anxiety in my life.

It’s the constant spiral that I find myself in; with having a commitment in the future, getting up to the night before and realizing I haven’t prepared yet.

The anxiety comes from this pattern of believing that I should have prepared long ago, and that I am thus: a bad person, a failure.

I compare myself to everyone else and see them, i project the golden light on to them as if they’re— they're the best planners in the world. As if I even know...

Then the spiral creates a very heavy energy that stops me from being able to actually Act.

It’s a really beautiful design...

So then, it causes a deep spiral of confusion and doubt, questioning of my self-worth.

Then I go into... “I’m not worthy of doing this, I’m not capable of doing this, I shouldn’t do this... It's a sign that I’m feeling resistance because I haven’t prepared yet.”

All of that is— is literally a mind spiral...

It’s taking precious energy, precious life force vitality from the present moment, and spiraling it out into the future, into the past, into these other stories that none of which are true.

To give an example of what it could be like, another path would be… in the moment feeling the desire to prepare for tomorrow— and preparing for tomorrow, following that thread of energy. Acting on it without tension, without stress.

So how do we get there?

One of my greatest teaching in this Ascension work is that, “Space = Source.”

When we create space in our bodies, when we create Space in our life, we— there is more space for Source energy to move through.

When we are full; when our mental processing is full with thoughts and plans, and dwelling on the past, and grasping onto your distractions, and social media and TV, and news, and everything…

…There is no Space at all, for anything to move through. There's no space for Emergence of the New.

So think of— think of Space as the womb…The Void. (Literal space, like if you look up in the sky.)

It’s a place of Endless Possibility.

(We don’t know what’s going on out there anything could be going on.)

That is the blank canvas of creation.

A woman’s womb is where life can start, where infinite possibilities exist in this open space.

Same with our emotional bodies, our astral bodies, our physical bodies.

Just like with mental thoughts… when we fill ourselves with toxic energy, toxic food, toxic emotions, general misalignment— inflammation occurs that literally is a puffing up, that’s taking up more space.

And again there’s no space for Source to move through.

It makes it very hard for the Light, (the Divinity of our being) to come into our physical form, into ourselves when they’re full of toxicity or density— when they’re full of old, unresolved trauma, repressed emotions, and ancient fear.

This is the work we’re doing here reincarnated in this time— at this time on planet Earth in these bodies-- to clear

...Clear the old traumas and karmas, heal the Collective; so that We as a collective can anchor in more Light, more Source, more Divinity into these human vessels and embody the truth of who we really are.

So… this time is challenging because we’re right in the transition phase…

We're literally straddling the line— many of us— are straddling the line between denser and less dense frequencies...

We may feel split in two as we navigate this transition.

This is not to be taken lightly, (it’s really challenging…like, the most challenging) this shift from time and planning and linearity— perceived linearity, is a big one.

It requires a lot of surrender and shifting from planning, and controlling every aspect, trying to control every aspect as a means of safety.


We— we do this so we feel safe.

When we do that, there is no space for life to move through us.

When every moment of our day is planned,  there is no space for life to occur.

There is no space for spontaneous connection with yourself or others. (And it will still happen, because as much as we try to control; the one constant in life is change.)

So we have a choice as we are in this paradigm shift from linear reality to present moment unfolding...

We have a choice of whether to surrender and open, and approach the unfolding of life with ease...

Allow the unfolding of life with curiosity, embrace the unfolding of life with joy.

Or we can grasp more tightly, and bring more tension as things become less linear, less understandable, less graspable by the human mind.

We can grasp more tightly until we’re pushed to the breaking point and the moment of surrender occurs.

That may be the path for many of us— and there is no right or wrong…

One of my favorite acr— acronyms for love is, “Let others voluntarily evolve.”

We’re all choosing our own paths and have chosen our own paths, yet there is also free will of how we adapt and grow and evolve.

We always have a choice in the moment of whether we want to approach our experience with suffering, with tension or with release, receptivity, surrender, openness, flow.

There's this quote, (I don’t know who it’s by— I saw it on a Port-o-potty wall at the Beloved      Festival) “The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.”

(I was trying to apply that to this anxiety around planning.)

It’s like …”The fear of not having planned enough is worse than the actual event or experience, right?”

It’s this fear of failure, but that’s an old paradigm.

The true fear— is the fear of being seen for who we truly are in all of our vulnerable Glory.

And that starts the planning spiral— the possibility— the inkling of the possibility that we could be naked, unknowing what’s coming next.

That we could be truly bare, open and seen in that moment for our true selves—without the masks, without the plans, without the shtick, without the control, without the sense of having it all together. (Because there’s nothing to have together anymore…)

That is what scares us. That is what our ego—with all its Glory— tries to protect us from.

We can say, “Yes.”

We can feel the fear, and act anyway.

As Glennon Doyle says, “We can do hard things.”

We can stop trying to control our lives, and we can sit— connect with our own hearts in stillness— and from that place of our true center, allow Source to move through us.

We can actively work to clear our vessels, release the dense energy, move the emotions through us, face our demons, love our shadows…

We can active actively clear our inner space, our mental space, our energetic space, our relational space, our ancestral space…

This is what it means to hold Space; a clear vessel with the energetic capacity to be present for Source to move through in the moment— with Trust.

It’s a pure channel of presence, and trust and surrender.

So… (grounding this down a bit)

“How do we do this?”

How do we align these— these paradoxical concepts of, ‘be in the moment, flow with life...’ and the fact that we have commitments, and we have a future and a past timeline in this current Consciousness, and we have money, and friends, and social engagements to keep?

And…I don’t have a clear answer. But I do know, that the moment planning and anxiety spiral starts, that’s an indicator you’re not being present.

And I know that starting and acting (this is embodiment, right?) that by acting, taking action with your body, getting out of the Mind,  starting to clean the dishes…

It doesn’t matter what you do but instead of thinking about it— shifting into being it— it shifts everything.

And the more we can practice presence, the more we can practice one thing at a time, and trust that life and time will expand.

As you embody more Source within your Being, you embody more of your creator-ship in your being... meaning more of your power, your sovereignty, your ability to create in the present moment.

That increases with more presence, with more space.

Space, is everything from rest, from stillness and meditation, from creative space, from time to allow creativity to unfurl, from physical space— “What’s your environment like? How much time do you spend in nature?”

From unplanned space— “Do you ever walk through the middle of town just to go for a stroll and see what happens?”

Inviting more space into your life will invite more Source into your life, more Source energy, more life force, more vitality.

And from that place of increased Source energy, you will create your own time.

Your world will unfold around you in perfect alignment.

You will be free.