More Heart, Less Gram

Join me in 1 week off of Instagram to reclaim your energy, return to your creative heart, and reconnect to your soul.

Have you ever felt completely over Instagram? But then you remember all of the incredible friends you've made and the inspiration you receive from it and you decide not to delete it after all?

This was me. I had an extreme love-hate relationship with Instagram. I have met some of my closest soul tribe on this platform. I have shared what I love and have received so much support from this platform.

And my creative energy was also depleting.

I was spinning out, and losing my ability to focus.

I was feeling depressed, confused and unworthy.

And I was completely overwhelmed,

because of how I was using Instagram.

What would it feel like to be present with nature, and not be mentally crafting your next Instagram post while capturing that epic scenery?

How would your work flow, if you weren't picking up your phone every few minutes to check your DMs?

What would it feel like to slow down, and be more in tune with your natural rhythms?

What would your relationships with your loved ones be like, if you were actually in them, rather than capturing them?

Want to explore together? 

During #MoreHeartLessGram we'll support each other in collectively reclaiming our energy, creativity, and purpose by committing to 1-week off of Instagram, together.

To join us is simple.

1. Add the dates below to your calendar so you can plan ahead (I have lots of tips below, for how to prepare, too).

2. Make at least 1 post before you head offline explaining what you're doing and use the #MoreHeartLessGram

3. Delete the app from your phone.














Does it have to be during the weeks listed here?

Nope, you have free creative discretion to run with this challenge however you want. Sync it up with your cycle, plan it around your launches, whatever! Just use the hashtag #LessGramMoreHeart so that we can collectively support you, and you can spread the good word about this movement to your followers. Also, you'll miss out on my daily support emails and the collective momentum around that date, which is totally OK. You got this.

Will I lose my DMs or Instagram data when I delete the app from my phone?

Nope, it's all stored in the cloud and will be there just as you left it when you reinstall the app and login with your credentials.

What about Instagram on my laptop?

Stay away! 

Do you hate Instagram?

No, I love it as a social media platform and am grateful it exists. I believe that we are in a time of overconsumption of information, and in my personal experience the way I was using Instagram was negatively affecting my mental & emotional health.  The LessGramMoreHeart movement is a way for me to re-train my brain, and reclaim my creative power and energy, so that when I am on Instagram I am using it for my highest goals and to be of service.

What if I check Instagram during the week by accident?

This is understandable! Be gentle with yourself. This is a practice and it all starts with awareness. Once you notice you are using Instagram, delete it from your phone and re-commit to your week of LessGramMoreHeart. And so you know, during my first time doing this I re-installed the app 3 times before I finally was able to let it go.

What would it be like if you could take a week off to do some spring cleaning, go for walks, and chat with your closest friends on the phone.

What is your heart longing to share that you haven't gotten around to creating yet?


Technological Hygiene, The Guide to Keeping Yourself Free by Sophia Rose

Time Well Spent - Tristan Harris