New Earth Purpose Webinar Series

With Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria

In our second 3-part webinar series we will explore what's next for the Starseed/Ascending collective.  Looking at what we've just completed, where we're at, and how personal experience is part of planetary change. The webinar topics are described in full below.  You can purchase all 3 webinars by sending $30 via Paypal (friends & family) to

These next 3 webinars will help you:  

  • understand your process as part of Earth change

  • further activate your New Earth/Starseed purpose

  • integrate the insights and have your questions about the New Earth Purpose guidebook answered in live Q & A.


The New Earth Purpose Guidebook is a comprehensive 40+ page document covering topics shared in the first 3-part webinar series we offered, and topics covered in the upcoming webinar series.

In each webinar we will be doing live Q & A, for all related questions, including questions from this Guidebook. 

If you missed the first 3 part series, you can purchase recordings of them here. These are not required to watch before the second series, yet the content builds on the concepts presented in the first series.

We are also offering a 10% discount on the New Earth Purpose Guidebook during this webinar series.  You can use the code: JUNE when your purchase the Guidebook.


Webinar 1:  Finding Your Divine Human Compass

Monday June 10 @ 10am PT

The way that we navigate daily life is changing.  Everything in our physical human world: home, relationships, food, etc. has become part of our Ascension and movement towards New Earth.

When we find our new inner compass; where Divine and Human merge in our Core, we move with the flow of change and find life is working for us in every detail; "time" is on our side, disruptions are freeing us, and synchronicity is everywhere.  

 In this webinar we explore:

  • The importance of using daily life as movement towards New Earth

  • Awareness of old navigation habits, how they confuse us to think life is working against us

  • How to use your Divine Human Compass in daily life

Webinar 2: Empowering The Divine Feminine

Monday June 17 @ 10am PT

The Divine Feminine is the natural leader of New Earth.  Letting Her lead inner change empowers outer Life purpose.

In this webinar we explore:

  • The importance of liberating our (inner) feminine from old wounds, roles, obligations

  • How returning feminine is leading masculine through change within and without

  • How Divine Feminine is revising power designs and roles for New Earth

Webinar 3:  Becoming New Earth

Monday June 24 @ 10am PT

We each came in with sacred codes for seeding New Earth. The time is fast approaching to access our Starseed visions for what's to come, and to welcome our desires for the world we came to Create.

In this webinar we explore:

  • Accessing our Starseed visions for what's to come

  • Honoring our desires for the world we want to Create  

  • The dual realities of old dissolving as we birth New Earth

Your Guides

Ceres Andromeda, Ascension Guide

at Cosmic Alchemy

The formative experience leading me to present could fill a book or three. None of my prior preparations meant what I thought they did, though they all helped me arrive at an Illuminated state of Being, from which I see our Cosmic nature plain as day. The phase of Earth change we are entering in unlike anything we’ve known: replete with both uncertainty and potential. There are no accidents of timing. We chose to be here in this particular Earth phase, to reclaim our Light and add it to re-awakening Earth. It is my present Joy to Bridge Cosmos, Humanity, and Sacred Earth and mirror potential to those awakening to Ascend.

Sena Maria, Ascension Guide

at The Medicine Of Being Human Podcast

I’m a cosmic channel and ordinary human, and I tap into the medicine of authentic presence and use my own human experience to weave stories of our collective heart songs. With access to the Galactic Core & emerging into this world during the end of the Harmonic Convergence in 1988, I am supporting our bridge into a New age, of Heaven on Earth, Embodied. I am a cacao steward, an Aquarian geek with a Pisces moon (sigh) and obsessed with all things California, although I still have big love for my Midwest roots.


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