New Earth Purpose Webinar Series

With Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria

In this 3-part webinar series we will cover how to get in touch with our purpose on Earth at this time. This is a potent time for all Starseeds; those called to Embody our Divine Mission and manifest New Earth. These webinars offer groundbreaking activations for the potentials coming available this Equinox, unlike any we've seen before.

You can sign up for each webinar individually below for $13. If you would like to purchase all 3 webinars for $30, please skip the sign-up below & send $30 via Paypal (friends & family) to

There will be live Q&A for those that join live. If you are unable to make the webinar live, you will receive a recording of the session via e-mail. You can e-mail me questions for the webinar in advance at


Webinar 1:  Emerging Purpose | Wednesday March 20 @ 10am PT

  • The realization of our Starseed mission

  • How to resolve mis-creative trajectories, and initiate True Creation trajectories

  • Activating Christ/Sophia Unity codes for New Creation

  • DNA reactivation coordinated with increasing Earth Light (for all Ascending groups)

Webinar 2: New Level Manifesting | Wednesday March 27 @ 10am PT

  • What New Earth needs come from our Hearts’ desires

  • Shifting from linear mental goals to TRUE Creation

  • The role of Ascension and Embodyment; we bring forth what we are

Webinar 3:  Becoming New Earth | Wednesday April 3 @10am PT

  • Waking up to AND reactivating the Crystalline network in Earth

  • Water in its Natural state and recovering WHAT this is

  • Activating water consciousness and Lemurian water healing codes

Your Guides

Ceres Andromeda, Ascension Guide

at Cosmic Alchemy

The formative experience leading me to present could fill a book or three. None of my prior preparations meant what I thought they did, though they all helped me arrive at an Illuminated state of Being, from which I see our Cosmic nature plain as day. The phase of Earth change we are entering in unlike anything we’ve known: replete with both uncertainty and potential. There are no accidents of timing. We chose to be here in this particular Earth phase, to reclaim our Light and add it to re-awakening Earth. It is my present Joy to Bridge Cosmos, Humanity, and Sacred Earth and mirror potential to those awakening to Ascend.

Sena Maria, Ascension Guide

at The Medicine Of Being Human Podcast

I’m a cosmic channel and ordinary human, and I tap into the medicine of authentic presence and use my own human experience to weave stories of our collective heart songs. With access to the Galactic Core & emerging into this world during the end of the Harmonic Convergence in 1988, I am supporting our bridge into a New age, of Heaven on Earth, Embodied. I am a cacao steward, an Aquarian geek with a Pisces moon (sigh) and obsessed with all things California, although I still have big love for my Midwest roots.


There will be live Q&A for those that join live. If you are unable to make the webinar live, you will receive a recording of the session via e-mail. You can also e-mail me questions in advance at

Other questions? Email

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