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The Medicine of Being Human Podcast

The Medicine of Being Human Podcast views the human experience as a healing journey. From Inner Earth to the Cosmos, I explore the healing power of being alive. This is a vehicle and bridge for your Embodiment. It is here to help you remember who you are, and why you came here.

This is an alchemical process. We create medicine out of the messiness, and breakthroughs out of the breakdowns.

This podcast is for the seekers, the consciousness explorers, the Starseeds, the plant medicine enthusiasts, and for anyone looking to make sense of the human experience.

Why are we here? What is the purpose of all of this? How do we hold space for our Humanness? If you feel interested in this podcast, if it’s found its way to you, I encourage you to take a listen.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re helping to weave a medicinal web that supports us on the healing path of being human, and expands our perspective of what being human really means.

Thank you for being here.

With love from your Co-pilot,
Sena Maria

Transcription notes

Click the links below. If you are waiting for transcription for further episodes please email me at as our resources are limited! Transcription lovingly prepared by Deshawn Loveless.

Episode 000 - What is my Life Purpose?

Episode 111 - Space = Source | Planning & Releasing Linear Time


Always such beautiful wisdom      

Sena has such a special way of sharing heart-centered reflections and wisdom, and tapping into what the collective is going through. I always come away feeling nourished and with a new perspective (or many!) to consider. - katiemz

Explorations for being human      

Great explorations of thought and spirituality and much more. Recommend for calm moments of self-care and reflection. - Lindsey

Medicine for the Soul      

I’ve been following Sena’s work for a little over a year now, and she has become a lamp for my soul’s journey. There is no “fluff”. Everything she covers is generously rich with purpose, wisdom, and the deepest of intentions—to help us all wake up. Definitely recommend for anyone who considers themselves a seeker... thank you Sena✨ -CB

New favorite podcast

New favorite podcast! Thank you Sena for your wisdom, clarity and insights. The information you are guided to share is of upmost importance right now in our joined evolution. - Trina


This podcast is amazing. It is so clear and informative. It gave me so much validation knowing I’m on the right track. Sena is authentic and speaks her truth. Can’t wait for more! - Xenen

This. Is. Everything.

Sena is the most beautiful, honest, authentic balance of the light and shadow or our cosmos. Wow. How lucky to have heard her in this lifetime. Thank you for your existence, and for the birth of this podcast. I can’t wait for the magic to come with its growth. Blessings - Nalasparrow

Pure divinity

The only spiritual podcast you’ll ever need. So much incredible wisdom and serenity. Sena translates what is going on astrologically into practical cosmic guidance and reminds you of the importance of loving yourself. <3 Ryah

Ascension Support

I am so grateful for the synchronicity that guided me to Sena and this podcast, her wisdom is in total alignment with the downloads I have been receiving and the messages that are coming in. Her voice and song are sonic activators, planting seeds of comfort and support on this journey of ascension. Grateful for your light Sister, Thank you for sharing it with the universe. - Littlebitt13


thank you, Sena, for sharing on this platform. Thank you for opening to speak of energy and ascension in a healing, loving light. excited to see how this podcast evolves & grows. <3 Lauren


So grateful for these cosmic insights helping me to navigate the waters flowing through, Sena delivers this information in a tangible way with practical advice on how to flow with grace. - Premmaster

Grounded wisdom for the spiritual seeker

Sena’s courageous voice is a breath of fresh air for those of us on the path to integrate the light of consciousness into our human bodies. Cosmic downloads, earth embodiment and human perspective. - Jane

Honesty at it’s best!

Sena’s voice is clear and connected. Each episode hits home. So happy to have this come my way! - manosmade