Welcome to The Cacao Circle

Are you sick of feeling lonely? Like you're the only one who understands what you are going through?

Do you desire to be seen, heard, and have a safe place to express yourself?

Do you want to learn how to better support your friends, family and community?

Do you want to increase your capacity to hold space for others, while not taking on their 'stuff'?

We live in an isolating society. We feel alone in our challenges and lonely in our triumphs.

How can we create more connection so that we each feel less alone?

After witnessing breakthrough after breakthrough in my in-person & virtual cacao ceremonies, I've narrowed down the answer to this question:

Consistent, supportive community, and a safe container.

My new offering, The Cacao Circle, is a hand-selected tribe of 13 people that gathers every other week to sit in sacred circle and support each other through the ups and downs of life. This Circle is invitation-only to create a truly sacred container where we all share the same vibration and understand the depths of this work.

Unlike an online course where one person downloads a bunch of content to the class, The Cacao Circle is a place where we are each honored for the unique medicine we bring. Each person will have space to express themselves (as they are comfortable), and we will practice the techniques of holding space, witnessing, and deep listening.

Instead of following a pre-made curriculum, the wisdom that will flow through our circle will be powerful, poignant, and directly applicable to your present experience. There's no homework, or integration that needs to happen outside of the Circle. The medicine from the Circle will be integrated into your cells during our time together, simply by our shared presence.

And different from a one-off cacao ceremony, this group will commit to showing up for each other for 3 months. By committing to a regular community gathering in this format, we will create a level of safety and intimacy that allows us to collectively reach a much greater depth than we are able to access otherwise.

The cacao circle is like group process therapy meets cacao ceremony meets an ancient tribal gathering around the fire.


I can’t tell you what will happen on this journey.

But I can promise you that it will foster deeper connections with yourself and your tribes, both within and outside of the Circle.

You will have a consistent, safe space to share yourself, your ebbs and flows, and connect with like-hearted people every other week.

It will give you tangible communication tools that will enhance every area of your life. You will better be able to listen and hold space for your friends + family, without taking things personally or taking on others' 'stuff.'

And you will feel more supported and abundant throughout your life, knowing that there's a tribe who has your back for the next 3 months and beyond.

The Cacao circle Details

The Circle starts on May 31st, and we will gather every 2 weeks until August 8th (5/31, 6/14, 6/27*, 7/12, 7/26, 8/8*).

(note all circles are Thursday except for *2 on Wednesdays).

We will gather at 5pm PT|7pm CT|8pm ET for 2 hours.

Given the format and intention of this container, it's strongly recommended that you join live. In case you miss it, it will be recorded and shared after we meet.

We will have a private Facebook group (separate from the OYHWC group).

This is an intimate container limited to 13 people per group. 

This is invitation-only.

Cacao will not be included, since you likely already have your own. If you need to order more, you can do so here.

Each Circle will focus on what's 'up' for the collective in the present moment. In addition to sharing our own personal experiences, this may include energetic & astrological reports, group exercises, current events, song sharing, and cacao channels.


The Cacao Circle is for you if

- you're desiring a supportive space for YOU where you can process what's coming up on a regular basis

- you want a consistent space to explore a deeper connection with Cacao

- you are interested in cultivating community from all around the U.S.

- you hold space for others often (formally and/or informally) and you need a space to process, recharge, and nourish yourself

- you're going through big life transitions and could use a grounding, consistent container

- you want to learn new medicine songs & sing regularly

- you want to become more comfortable sharing your emotions with others in a clear, safe container

- you want to deepen your capacity to hold space for others

- you are looking for more ceremony in your life

- you want to learn more techniques to support others on their healing journey

- you want to be tapped in to the moon cycles, and understand how the cosmic universal energies are impacting your life in the present moment

- you want a space to just be


The Cacao Circle Expansion Package

Six coaching sessions with Sena

If you want to amplify the group work we’re doing in this program, I highly recommend adding the 1:1 Expansion Package. One-on-one coaching has been an integral part of my own path, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my powerful, devoted coaches.

This type of circle work is a powerful mirror, and lots of fears, old trauma, and projection can arise within the group dynamic. I’ve been there, and having someone to talk through the challenging and confusing feelings that arise is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

1:1 coaching sessions will be 60 minutes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the weeks we don’t have The Circle.

In addition to personalized support, people who choose 1:1 coaching will receive:

+ Shamanic Astrology reading to help you understand your soul purpose, communication style, and how you are in relationship with others

+ Priority email and voice note support (using the application Voxer) M-F 9-5pm PT

+ Ascension Guidance (as applicable)

+ Singing Support


and have three months of powerful group support, an intimate Facebook group, and a place to be seen, heard and understood.

PLUS this added bonus: Sacred Songbook & Recordings of all of the songs we learn!

I'm ready for the cacao circle + Expansion package

and have three months of group support, an intimate Facebook group, a place to be seen, heard and understood, and a personal shamanic astrology reading, priority email & voice note support and personal circle support.

Registration closes on May 16th


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I struggle with speaking in groups, yet I still desire to connect with others in deeper ways. Is The Cacao Circle for me?

A: Yes! This circle is designed to create a safe space for everyone. This means that you are welcome at whatever your comfort level is in the moment. You are in complete control of your experience, meaning you can control your own audio and video, and take as much time to observe and feel comfortable in the circle before sharing as you need. The group will likely bring things up for you regarding group dynamics, yet it will do so in a way that enables you to go at your own pace. Emotional and energetic safety are core values of the circle, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Q: Why are circles so powerful?

A: We are all interconnected, a part of the greater whole, and we are all equal. There is no hierarchy in a circle. When we cross the threshold into The Cacao Circle, we alchemize our individual essence into the greater collective of the group. We each contribute to and co-create our energetic container.

Q: How will this change my life? 

A: It will increase your capacity to show up for yourself and for others during challenging times. You will be much more comfortable holding space for other's emotions. You will understand that you are not alone and that we are all experiencing similar feelings in different ways. It will help you release social anxiety. You will learn how to identify personal triggers, and become aware of when you are projecting your emotions onto others. You will understand when others are projecting their emotions onto you. And you will learn how to navigate these situations. You will deepen your understanding of energetic boundaries. You will learn how to be open and present for someone without taking on their experience, or giving them too much of your own energy.  You will learn how to deeply listen, and reflect so that others truly feel heard and seen by you.

In summary, you will learn how to show up in every aspect of your life.

Q: Will we sing?

A: Absolutely! There will be space to learn new songs, and practice them regularly in The Cacao Circle.

Q: Can I keep my video off?

A:  Yes, you are in full control of your experience. There is a framework I will share about the learning zone, which is outside of your comfort zone but not so far out that it is in the panic zone. I will provide frameworks like this and other tools so you can understand what level of expression and interaction in the circle feels safe for you in any given moment, and you are free to take the space that you need.

Q: Where did this idea come from?

A: Circles have been a foundational part of all of the ancient traditions that I've studied and thus have contributed immensely to my own awakening. Yoga teacher trainings, Shamanic healing studies, Cacao ceremonies and more have transformed my life in the context of sitting with others in a circle. When I started OYHWC I didn't realize how impactful virtual circles would be. After virtually circling with 60 people throughout the course, I received very clear guidance that we needed to keep this going in a container that meets regularly. There's something so powerful about being witnessed, and I find we often don't need to do anything else besides gather regularly, and share our truth - that is our medicine.

Q: What if I can't make all of the calls?

A: A big part of The Cacao Circle is a commitment to showing up for each other, and thus for ourselves. I also understand that life happens, which is why I will be recording the calls and sharing them within our Circle after we gather. If you know upfront that you have schedule conflicts with more than 2 calls, I would wait to join a future Circle. 

Q: Why can't I invite a friend?

A: Because the tribe that we have created is powerful, and I know you have done the prep work. If you've received this invitation, you have already built a respectful relationship with Cacao, meaning we are on the same frequency when we sit together. You have the emotional healing techniques to support you throughout these three months. You've also sat with me in ceremony and have an understanding of how I work. For this work it is imperative that we feel safe, and held by each person in the circle, and I feel confident that each of you are ready for this work. I do have plans to expand this to others in the future in a way that maintains the safety & integrity of our space, so stay tuned.

Q: What is the difference between this and an online course? Will I be learning anything applicable to my own life?

A: Yes, this circle taps into the old ways of learning which are based on experiencing, first. Online courses have learning goals, and, are mostly communicating via the rational mind and knowledge sharing. The Cacao Circle will often bypass the mind and go directly into the experience of your heart and your cells. It's almost like an apprenticeship, where the more time you spend with someone that has a skill or way of being you want to learn, the more you inherently understand. They may not lay out each step of the process for you on a slide deck, but by observation, and feeling their essence while they work, you understand it - like osmosis. This is how the learning will occur in the circle, and it will be from each of the 13 people in the space. There's nothing to DO besides be present, and be yourself.

Q: Who is The Cacao Circle for?

A: This circle is for anyone who I have a personal relationship with that is connected to Mama Cacao and is interested in going deeper. It's for space holders, and those wanting to step into holding space. It's for all genders. It's for anyone wanting to deepen their capacity to support and deepen their relationships in all areas of their life.

Q: Will we ever have the opportunity to circle together in REAL LIFE?!

A: YES! Stay tuned for more details.

OKAY! I'm ready to join the cacao circle


It is my deepest knowing that this is the work we are meant to be doing together. Right here, right now. Showing up for ourselves, investing in the tools to remember how to communicate from the heart, and to remember that we are each worthy of Divine Love. This is why I am here. This is why we are here.

I'm so grateful that we chose this path together, and it's such an honor to be of service in this way.

If you are feeling the call to The Circle but have more questions, reach out to me at info@senashakti.com.

I'm here for you.

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