The Embodiment Report |August & September 2019

This report is a synthesis of what we experienced in the past month, an invitation into the fullness of where we are now, and a glance forward at the potentials opening for us in the month ahead.

August | Leo & Virgo

September | Virgo & Libra 

Power Path Monthly Theme for August| Discovery

The Amazon burned and Time magazine recognized our rainforests as the ‘Lungs of the Earth.’

In mid August we experienced a stellium of planets in Leo, and as we end August we had the same stellium of planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) in Virgo. While these five planets share short ish orbits, having them all align in the same sign is significant. These planets are known as the personal planets, reflecting and relating to our individual experiences of being embodied on earth.

  • Mars = Physical, divine masculine

  • Venus = Love, divine feminine

  • Mercury = Mental, communication

  • Sun = Our personal radiance sphere

  • Moon = Our emotions, inner realms & cyclical rhythms

Without going into too much detail about the specific Zodiac signs, what I see happening here is that more of our individual Selves are coming into alignment. All parts of us are coming on board, learning how to see through a shared lens and experience at the same time. When we can cultivate all of our energy bodies and layers of self (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) into one precise moment, we enter the Zero Point of Creation, bringing us into our Divine Union of Self in this exact moment of now.

And, the planets that are not aligning in the same sign at the same time are the outer planets, representing collective & generational energies. We are individually building the strength and coming into full alignment in preparation for 2020, when we will start to see outer planet alignment and collective shifts starting to take root.

Embodiment Report 8.24.19

Raise your hands 🏽 if you find yourself taking big leaps right now. Or are feeling shifts coming... unsettled in your home life & foundations.

We are preparing for 2020. This entire year has been realigning us and refining us to live from our Divine Core.

Many of us have been practicing these big leaps for sometime, so now we don’t need to deliberate so much about them, and the leaps are much greater.

With this Virgo stellium in progress (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus all in Virgo) I’m noticing another surge of root alignment occurring. We have been diligently working through our chakras from high to low in this lifetime, and this year has been a lot of sacral & root for many.

Our individual root (home, ancestral healing, earth, finances, physical structures & health, safety & security and our deepest densest traumas.. the literal roots we put into participating and engaging in the world) and collective roots (allllllllllllllll our karmic history is coming up & out. 🤮) As we ascend we continue refining. Something that seemed mostly amazing (except for those few energetically misaligned things that I am just going to brush under the rug) will no longer last for long.

We can create exactly. what. we. want. In our environments and lives. I mean like, to the precision of the color of your blinds& the way the sunlight falls on your favorite philodendron. The second we are not feeling aligned and are imagining a new future, the second that creation starts manifesting.

This Virgo energy is about BRINGING IT INTO FORM. You may feel that everything you have been visioning, scheming, hustling & praying for this year suddenly is happening, almost in one fell swoop. All at once and in all dimensions.

What are you feeling called to create? What leaps are you taking? I’ll be sharing more about some wild leaps in my life soon... 

Embodiment Report 8.26.19

What are we doing here again?
Bridging the old systems with the New Earth that we are building? Having to navigate IN the matrix to create what we see WHILE ALSO knowing that the system we are creating within is false?
“Am I just perpetuating the same individualistic thinking that got us into this mess? Am I really making a difference by wanting to create what my heart desires? How can I be of service when the entire world feels like it’s going up in flames? Are we all going to die in one swoop as the earth decides she’s given up on our ability to ascend? Is the financial system going to collapse? Should I hoard all the money I have in the bank (‘all’) under my bed? But then will it even be worth anything? Wtf is money anyway? I need insurance, yet insurance is a scam. Our amazon is in flames and I’m still ordering from it every week.”
Flip flopping between old and new IS OUR WORK. Our minds are reprogramming. New thought forms are anchoring in amidst old ways of thinking moving out. We’re literally feeling ALL OF IT. Cuz that’s what we came here to do. It’s not pretty, it’s messy, it’s confusing, it’s all the things.

Remember that this 3D system we are trying to fit into is impossible to fit into perfectly because it is BROKEN AND NOT LOVE BASED. So do what you can. Be in the matrix so you can plant your love roots deep into the system and know that it will crumble with the love foundations we are building right now. Follow your heart. Have the hard conversations. Do what feels right in your body. Manage your finances. Create the world in the reality THAT YOU LIVE IN right now, knowing that maybe someday we actually will be able to live in 5D with love frequency and harmony as our currency. But we’re not there yet so put your stake in the ground HERE. We need you.

With love,