​The Embodiment Report |September & October 2019

This report is a synthesis of what we experienced in the past month, an invitation into the fullness of where we are now, and a glance forward at the potentials opening for us in the month ahead.

September | Virgo to Libra 

October | Libra to Scorpio 

Moving from a 9 month of Completion to a 10 month of Rebirth & Self Union

A Fresh Start

With Saturns shifts, the Autumnal Equinox, a Libra new moon and the end of our ninth month of completion all occurring within a two week span - I'm experiencing the feeling of a blank slate, a fresh start like never before.

The Equinox and Libran energy are bringing balance to the forefront of our days. How are we dancing between structure and liberation, and can we actually find the liberation within the structure, understanding that fundamentally these energies are all part of the same whole?

The deep shake-ups from Saturn & Pluto's upcoming union have led to profound insights into some of our deepest core wounds. The oldest of childhood traumas and imprinted patterns we soaked up before we could talk are coming front & center as a final-feeling whoosh of 'are you ready to transmute this into a power that will fuel your purpose-work?' And that initial opening of awareness can be uncomfortable to say the least.

You likely are noticing a feeling of forward momentum - as the work we have been doing the past 6 months has been sticky, challenging, dense and slow moving... this summer you may have found yourself in a place of hopeless confusion more than once. And now the gift of freshness and a lighter pep in your step may be arising as we start to integrate all of the depth work that we have done with Saturn during this recent retrograde journey.

With the transition from Virgo to Libra it feels like Virgo was helping to meticulously track any loose ends and dust those final cobwebs in our psyches to get the most out of this Saturnian retrograde as possible before it stationed direct. Now we've moved into an air sign that explores balance between inner/outer, self & other, self & source and masculine & feminine. This is perfect integration medicine to anchor in all of the Saturn work into our hearts, minds, bodies and daily lives.


On Thursday 9/19/19 Saturn stationed direct, meaning that an energy that has been moving backwards in our lives - refining and sifting through old karmic structures and past timelines - started to move forward again. Retrogrades as an example, can bring up old lovers out of the wood work, or leave you in experiences of deja vu, revisiting old ways of being while being in your New self. To truly understand how these past 6 months have been working you, it's helpful to tune into the house in your astrological chart where Saturn has been during this time. Feel free to e-mail me with your birthdate, exact time, and location and I can let you know what house Saturn has been impacting,

Saturn stationed retrograde in April of 2019, so this is an especially potent window of time to reflect on what you’ve been working through in the last 6 months. It’s as if big rusty gears are slowly changing direction, and there will continue to be creaks, groans, and places where more oil is needed as we shift into a forward momentum in the next few months as Saturn regains it’s shadow.

If you view the world as an upper, middle and lower world, the upper being the celestial realms, the middle world as the mundane daily reality that we see in waking life, and the underworld as the subconscious realms ~ Saturn is right smack in the middle world, only concerned with what it can see with it’s naked eye and not interested in expanding perspectives beyond mundane reality. Saturn is about structure, form, time, foundations. He is helpful for anchoring etheric visions and inspirations into this earthly realm, and teaches us how to love structure; how to create the visions that we have in manifest form. Saturn teaches us hard lessons about discipline, commitment, and working with time.

Given that we are preparing for The Great Reset of 2020, this Saturn Rx was one for the ages... and you may have found the clearing out of last bits of old, thick density that you were not capable of accessing before flushing through in one fell swoop. Traumas that would have taken months, years to process and integrate are now coming to Light with a lot more ease and grace than you are used to. The planets are reflecting a major 'clearing out' energy enabling us to be centered, present and strong in our own truth & sovereignty for what is to come.

Opening The Portal Of 'The Great Reset'

Alchemise termed the upcoming Saturn Pluto exact conjunction in Capricorn coming Jan 12, 2020 as The Great Reset, and with Saturn's recent shift forward we are now walking through the doorway of this energy already. The Great Reset occurs when these formidable outer planets meet in the sky at 22 degrees Capricorn.

Saturn transits the sky every ~28 years, and Pluto transits the sky much more slowly at 248 years per cycle. These two meet for a conjunction every 33-38 years, and their last meetings in the 21st century have all coincided with massive planetary transformation: WW1, WW2, an economic recession in the 80's, etc. If you want to learn more about this I recommend this 10 minute YouTube video by Jen, The Renogade Astrologer.

Pluto in 3D represents transformation, power, death & rebirth, and the underworld aspects that can invoke fear and be hard to look at. It is coming together with Saturn in the sign of the Maternal Grandmothers (Capricorn).

To me, this reset is one of:

  • dysfunctional toxic patriarchal systems crumbling

  • our focus on creating 'man-made' structures and artificial intelligence realigning back to a relationship of regenerative harmony honoring the beauty, functionality and intelligence of the natural world.

  • feminine wisdom and elder voices amplified to create from a harmonious council model rather than a hierarchical leadership structure

  • Over emphasis on linear logical structures (e.g. capitalism) being transformed (likely through an ugly / explosive situation) into structures informed by earth's wisdom & integrated feminine intelligence

And this will set the state for actual embodiment on earth of Ancient Future technologies coming into form that are supportive and nourishing for ALL beings, and co-create regenerative communion with our Earth.

With love,