Transcription: Episode #000 - What is my Life Purpose?

This is the driving question underneath everything pretty much, it’s the existential question.

Why?—why am I here? What is my purpose here? What am I doing here?

And that question says a lot because the fact that we wonder why we are here, means that somewhere in our Being, we’re aware that there is not here.

And for many; all of us, at times in this human life, being here is really fucking hard.  

(I’ve decided as of right now I’m going to be swearing on this podcast.)

So why are we here? What is my purpose here in this human form on planet Earth at this time?

That is to me -- what that question is really asking... ‘What is my purpose?’-- is a much bigger question than,  how am I going to pay my bills and be happy at the same time?

It’s a question of fundamental existence.

So we’re letting go as we increase in --in frequency I guess you could say, as we continue on this path of Ascension, we’re letting go of old paradigms and old definitions of words and ways of being.

So we’ve created this box, this structure around the question of life purpose.

We often think about career or some sort of passion project --it becomes an external experience and it’s something that we have to find outside of ourselves.  

Like I have to find --I’m searching for my life purpose.

I’m seeking for it.

There’s a longing

And that word Longing, if we can fully be in the longing we create ‘Belonging’.

And really what we are looking for is – is for ourselves.

We want to feel a sense of belonging, we want to feel a sense of home, of Union, of connection, of community, of love.

And when we can be in that place in ourselves, then we’re all of a sudden in a state of belonging.

So it’s less about the longing for life purpose ceasing to exist and more about being the full experience of longing for life purpose, or anything.

And this gets at the main teaching around life purpose.

Life purpose,  like you're here to be who you are because this lifetime of being a human on Earth at this time, is a small blip of the entire picture of your life and your existence.

And so if we zoom out, and come from the belief that we each chose to be here at this time, knowingly going into the state of amnesia so that we can remember our true self, then choosing to be here is your purpose.

It’s as simple as that.

It is by the fact that you are here, you are fulfilling your purpose.

And now you may be questioning that and feeling like that it’s too simple...

So your life purpose is -- is you, it’s your essence.

And we have defined...we have definitions of things that put – that puts things into boxes….

So things like a label -- labeling your purpose – the fact that we want to label, we want to hold onto something with our mind… we want to define ourselves with a word or a string of words and then we’ve found our life purpose.

That’s the energy – that’s the old paradigm energy that  we are shifting out of.

So your career, (even a project that you work on) that’s one portion of the expanse of your life.

You could be convinced that your life’s purpose is saving the whales -- which is a very valid and needed thing to be doing right now...

And there will be a day when you're not actively saving the whales, so then what?

And that gets at the Crux of the problem; wh-- when we define ourselves... when we define our life purpose as something outside of ourselves or attached to something external, we will continuously be seeking.

We will continue to look outside of ourselves.

Our life purpose is being our truest self; its anchoring in the essence of our Being, of our Divinity, of our Source, of our Light; whatever word you want to call it. Anchoring in your truth, embodying fully into this human form in this moment of now.

That is your purpose.

Bringing all of yourself -- showing up fully.

There are things that we -- that are medicine that we--we value on these more subtle levels that we rarely speak about

But and from a societally conditioned standpoint are not valued.

We don't talk about the fact that someone is a really good hugger, or someone who can hold space for grief, or the friend that you can fart in front of.

Like those may seem trivial because in our 3D [the old Paradigm] where we have these defined roles, we have been conditioned to value things like -- CEO of XYZ company or yoga teacher—

These things that we can define really easily and neatly, have more value in our (just in the conditioned sense) than the good hugger, or the person who can hold grief or the person you can fart in front of.

But the reality is, in the –in the present moment…

If –if a loved one dies and your friend or that person is there holding space for you is there fully present for you…


That’s --that is someone’s unique Essence, unique imprint coming through.

And we each have our unique essence, we each have unique gifts, and they’re not all defined by any means by the societal labels that we’ve created.

This is medicine --this is The Medicine of Being Human

Each of us carries a special medicine --It’s what makes us, us.

And when we communicate and interact with each other, we’re sharing our medicine.

There are so many aspects of ourselves that are not defined --and now more than ever perhaps as things are quickening, (as we’re ascending faster-- as change is the only constant -- and it's not stopping and we’re being called to step up -- and we're being initiated left and right) it can be really easy and common for people to feel lost.

And that can result in a fixation on finding this ‘life purpose.’

It’s like a grasping for the life raft – it’s like we think we are going underwater so, you know, this is-- this is my thing…

I have find my career…I have to push-- push myself to not feel lost-- I have push myself to feel safe-- I have to find that thing outside of me that will satisfy my longing.

But there will come a point; As things continue to quicken, the change continues to happen the challenges continue to come, that we will surrender into the soft Embrace of our Hearts.

Like our real, Full multi-dimensional Hearts.

And once we let go of trying to fit in, of trying to attach to these externally defined value systems--  and we’re clear on what we truly want in each moment, on what we truly need, on what we desire, on what we want to say, what we want to share.

And when we act from that place... that is our purpose.

Being you, sharing your truth, following your heart embodying your divinity…. that is your purpose.