Welcome to Open Your Heart with Cacao! <3

Companion PDF Guide


Firefly Chocolate Discount Code

As a part of this course you get 15% off at Firefly Cacao for 3 months! Use #cacaotribe at checkout (please keep this code to yourself <3)


Class #1

Class #1 Audio File


  • Try making 3 of the recipes from the recipe guide, and take notes about 1) the process of making it and 2) how the recipes made you feel
  • share your intention for the course in the Facebook group, and anything that comes up from your recipe experimentation if you feel called.

Class #2

Class #2 Audio


  • Sing the Cacaocita song 4x along with the recording and 4x solo (it’s helpful to do it with Cacao). Lyrics are here.
  • Try out 3 of the emotional healing techniques with your cacao this week.
  • Try 3 more recipes, and share one of your own creations with the Facebook group


Class #3 Audio

Bonus Video: Interview with Jonas Ketterle, of Firefly Chocolate