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"I am now in ceremony- free from the constructs of space and time- where instantaneous healing and divine knowing exist." - The Sophia Code

Ceremony is a place to come and be yourself. It is a space to connect to your inner world, and make deeper connections with like-hearted people from around the world. It's a space to feel what hasn't been felt, and to receive communion from Spirit.

It is a space where we can access the Divine Love always available to us.

Time and again I am blown away by the transformations that happen when we come together in ceremony with the sacred heart medicine, Cacao.

I'm so pleased to have experienced equally as profound experiences in virtual ceremonies. With the support of Mama Cacao, I've honed the practice of virtual ceremonies for the past year, and now feel confident in my sound equipment and facilitation skills to offer this to more people.

"WOW I continue to vibrate with all the love and goodness of our ceremony on Friday. The medicine has been moving through me so strongly and I have felt the power of an open heart with my family and my partner this weekend." - Virtual ceremony participant


About Cacao

Cacao, the foundational ingredient in chocolate, has been helping us open our hearts for over 3,500 years. Our Pre-Olmec, Olmec, Maya & Aztec ancestors worked with Cacao in beverage form in various rituals, celebrations and rites of passage, and this sacred tree is still stewarded today by the Maya people, among others.

The Aztec word for chocolate translates to 'Heart Blood', and one of the Maya words for Cacao translates to 'drinking chocolate together.'

The scientific name for Cacao translates to 'Food of the Gods."

Cacao is wonderful for our cardiovascular health and is packed with over 500 beneficial compounds that support a healthy balanced system. As a heart medicine it helps us rebalance the relationship between our head & our heart, opens our energetic centers to communion with Spirit, and helps us cleanse physical & energetic blockages.

"The space that we all shared this evening was beyond beautiful and I’m excited to continue the journey with cacao and let her reverberate through my life and lead me new places." - Virtual ceremony participant

What you can expect

  • Cacao increases blood flow and is a heart centered energy, which creates a heart opening, love-full effect

  • You may experience visions, incredible bliss, emotional releases, energetic clearings, deep relaxation, flashes of inspiration or something totally different. Cacao is a gentle, yet powerful medicine and she will take you to the door but will not push you through it.

  • Cacao can stimulate a detox response from the body, which can result in nausea and/or headaches. If this happens, drinking water will help flush the toxins out (and that's a good thing!)

  • If you are on any antidepressants, are breastfeeding, have any heart issues or a history of epilepsy please let me know at

You will leave the ceremony with a deeper connection to your heart, your self, and each other.

You will feel seen, heard, and inspired.

You will feel more prepared to work with Cacao on your own. 

You will be tuned into the Divine Love Frequency.

How it works

In our virtual ceremonies we will gather together on Zoom, a video conferencing platform. While each ceremony will be different, I outline the general experience below so you know what to expect:

Before ceremony:

  • Prep e-mail is sent out in advance to provide tips on creating sacred space and a recipe with instructions for making your ceremonial cacao.

During ceremony:

  • Introduction to the space, and how to use Zoom

  • Honoring Cacao by sharing the history, benefits, and about the tree

  • Cacao blessing, intention setting, and singing a medicine song

  • Circle sharing

  • Guided meditation

  • I will sing medicine songs and invite you to lay down in your space for a sound healing

  • Circle sharing

  • Gratitude prayer

  • Closing

After ceremony:

  • E-mail check-in to see how you're feeling and if there are any questions you have.

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Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Monday September 24th @5pm PT | 8pm ET

New Moon Cacao Ceremony

Tuesday October 9th @11am PT | 2pm ET

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Wednesday October 24 @ 5:30pm PT | 8:30pm ET


You will need your own ceremonial cacao for the ceremony. You can find some of my favorite suppliers here.

(Make sure you give yourself enough time for the cacao to be shipped before our ceremony!)

What people are saying

"Maybe outside when people look at your Insta it might look like fun but you do very deep work. When I go to local ceremonies I never connect as deep with the circle as I do in yours! Thank you."

"During the ceremony, even though it was digital, I felt the separation disappear. As I felt the medicine working, I noticed the typical "defenses" voices, and judgements about myself and other people give way to a truer, brighter, more loving and connected "seeing" of the others and myself on the ceremony/call together."

"The ceremony opened me up and provided a portal and an experience and an entrainment I think with the frequency that is cacao which to me feels a lot like LOVE unconditional, and EXPANSION"


It is my deepest knowing that this is the work we are meant to be doing together. Right here, right now. Showing up for ourselves, investing in the tools to remember how to communicate from the heart, and to remember that we are each worthy of Divine Love. This is why I am here. This is why we are here.

I'm so grateful that we chose this path together, and it's such an honor to be of service in this way.

If you are feeling called to join for a ceremony but have questions, reach out to me at

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